I’m feeling led to turn off the TV for the month of June. Crazy, I know.

Life has been hectic… which is normal with a husband, 4 kids, a full time job, and full time ministry. But, the last few months it’s been more hectic than usual. I’m spent, drained, empty, rung out, used up, withered, wasted, …… OK, you get the idea.

I’ve been praying for God to give me strength and energy, but it’s been lacking. Not because God’s not answering my prayer, but because I’m not obeying Him.

So, in an act of obedience, and in complete faith, I am turning off the TV for the month of June. And, I am convinced that I will be refreshed and renewed through this experiment. Not sure how yet, but none the less, I’m convinced it will happen.

I tried to talk myself out of posting this blog. Because if I post this, it becomes real. It’s no longer a thought in my mind, but it is now a commitment on paper (well, cyber-paper, but still…). But I need this to be real. I need the accountability.

I’ll keep you posted….

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