There and Back Again

This is a week of goodbyes. A chapter in my life is closing. It is a chapter that brought much joy to my life, and I am saddened to turn the page and see it end.

I’ve learned through the years that most of us don’t look forward to endings, to goodbyes. I try to face them as little as possible. I’m one of those individuals who sits in the movie theatre watching the ending credits roll just to linger in the moment a little bit longer.

As much as we try to avoid “goodbyes” or “the ends” they still come. Sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly. Sometimes slowly and with plenty of warning. Either way it is difficult to face.

Last night, as I was finally embracing the emotion that accompanies “the end” I was reminded of one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies.

In this scene Bilbo Bagget, with great flare, puts the finishing touches on the story of his life in his book of adventure. Sadness fills my heart as I realize the story Bilbo is recording is drawing to a close. But then…. Frodo enters the scene. The book changes hands. A page is turned. A new story begins.

I’ve often thought that our story with Christ is like a Fairy Tale. It begins like most fairy tales do….Once upon a time I was lost and alone and afraid, then the Handsome Prince left his castle to come and rescue the damsel in distress. The thing that’s different with this story is that there is no… The End.

If we are in Christ there is no goodbye. There is no ending to the story of our lives. Yes, the story may change. There will be twists and turns, adventure and peril, love and loss. But there will not be The End.

And so today I say goodbye, not forever, but for now. And I turn the page, pick up the pen and wait for a new adventure to unfold.

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