My daughters love the Jonas Brothers. Not too surprising, a lot of young girls do. I like the JoBros myself. After all, they’re good kids. They love God, live lives of integrity, and make good clean music. Of all the bands my girls could like, as a mom I love that they love the Jonas Brothers.

Personally, I’ve come to know lots about them. I know all of their names, how old they are, where they’re from. I even know the words to most of their songs. But, I’m not obsessed or anything- not like my girls.

But that was before last week. Last week I took my girls to a Jonas concert. And can I just say– AMAZING! I’ve been to hundreds of concerts in my life, but I have never experienced a show like that. The lights, the staging, the effects, the creativity. WOW!!

I can’t seem to quit talking about it. for a week now I’ve told anyone who will listen how amazing the Jonas Brothers are. It’s so bad I’ve been accused of being obsessed. And maybe I am. But if you would have seen it- if you would have experienced it- you would probably be obsessed too.

And isn’t that how our relationship with Christ is? Oh, we may have heard of Him. Maybe we even admire Him. But, it’s not until we see Him and experience Him for ourselves that we realize how amazing He really is. And once we’re confronted with the wonder of who Jesus is how can we help but love Him, tell others about Him, and be obsessed with Him?

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