My daughter crawled into bed with me this morning. All 5 feet 4 inches of her. As she slept I was transported back nearly 15 years to the first time I laid in bed and watched her sleep. At that time just barley over 4 pounds, a tiny bundle of perfection. She still takes my breath away with her beauty.

I remember before I met her writing in my journal prayers for her future. I asked God to make her strong and confident. To give her a desire for Him. That she would bring joy to the lives of others and that she would know and serve her God with a single minded devotion.

It’s funny how we often miss the answered prayers that are right in front of us. I spend so much time making sure her homework gets done, she gets fed on a regular basis, and that she gets taken to all her events that I forget to just stop and watch her sleep. To pause and see that the young woman before me is an answer to all of my prayers.

And so, this morning that is just what I did. I watched her sleep. And I was reminded that my God is faithful. That my God answers prayer. And my heart was overwhelmed by the beauty that was before me. Not just the beauty of a perfectly formed mouth, and thick dark lashes resting upon her cheek. But the beauty that comes from a soul who is passionate about loving God and loving every moment of life. The beauty of a girl who makes me laugh with complete abandonment. Who makes me feel full of love and joy and hope.

Fifteen years ago my heart was overwhelmed with thoughts of who she one day might be. Today my heart is overwhelmed with the realization of who she is.

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