A Road Called Hope

I travel a road called Hope
Although I do not know the way
I simply seek to follow it
Through each moment of my day

It winds over the mountaintops,
Beside the raging sea,
And through the darkest valley
This road leadeth me

It is not my destination
This road I travel on
It is simply my companion
As I seek my true Home

I have been known to leave this path
And travel my own way
Into the mud and mire
That beckons me to stay

And slowly I begin to sink
Into the great despair
Of whispered lies and subtle words
That tell me Hope’s not there

But then I hear a gentle voice
Calling on the wind
“Lift up your eyes, reach out your hand,
Travel with Hope again”

Suddenly I am lifted up
My feet on solid ground
The mud and mire washed away
I hear a brand new sound

It is a song that comes to me
A song sung by the road
“We are not there, my child, my love
But together we travel on”

And so I place my trust again
In this winding path I see
Knowing that with Hope
I will reach my destiny

And when we finally reach the end
Of this journey that we share
I’ll take the hand of the One
Who walked beside me there

And enter into a place
Where Hope lives ever more
My eyes will see, my voice will shout
“My Hope! My King! My Lord!”

Forever we will dance and sing
Together on the road
Suddenly transformed from brick
To its gleaming, royal gold

And one by one we’ll gather there
Sharing stories of the way
A road called Hope led us one by one
To a new and brighter day

Where darkness cannot touch us
And despair no longer cries
And Hope is seen in every smile
As we walk by Jesus’ side.

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