Attitude Adjustment continues…

I tend to get stuck in a rut. Mark Batterson (Wild Goose Chase- you should read it) would say I’m in the Cage of Routine. You know, autopilot.

It’s not that my life isn’t exciting. It is. My job is amazing. My kids are awesome. My marriage is wonderful. I’m involved in some really cool ministry stuff. But, I’m bored. I’m in a routine. I’m stuck.

Every morning the alarm goes off at the same time, and I navigate through the next 18 hours or so without thinking. (yes, I’m averaging less than 6 hours of sleep a night, but that’s for another post)

Nothing changes. Nothing excites me. Nothing brings joy.

And so…. my attitude stinks.

I’m supposed to have the same attitude of Jesus. His attitude was never stinky.

He was never really in a routine either. I mean, He did a lot of the same things from day to day. But, I don’t see His daily existence as boring. Every day was an adventure. Why?

Because He was led, not by routine, but by the Spirit. Jesus wasn’t bound by a list of things to accomplish, but by a Voice to follow. And in following that Voice, He found adventure. It’s probably pretty hard to complain about things when you never know what miracle the next moment holds.

The thing about miracles though… is that you have to make room for them. Miracles are very rarely found in schedules and routines. They are found in unexpected places, unplanned conversations, and unintended circumstances.

Miracles occur when we stop to enjoy a sunset, dance in the rain, cry with a friend, bring groceries to a neighbor, finger paint with a child, cuddle with a loved one before a roaring fire. Miracles are found in the silence of solitude, the roar of laughter, the whisper of a contented sigh.

We were created not for routine, but for miracles. Not for schedules, but for moments. Moments that take our breath away and remind us of a Holy God.

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