My Attitude Adjustment

My week began with the realization of the fact that I had a stinky attitude. It had gotten bad enough that it was interfering with my life. So I finally decided it was time to address the issue.
I took it to God in prayer hoping for a nice motivational scripture or two and a clever action plan that I could put into effect to solve the spiritual slump I was experiencing.
Over the journey of the last week I have heard from God. But no “steps to success” were given to me.
Instead I was offered three simple invitations from my patient Father.
1. Drink from the Living Water~ allow Me to cleanse you, wash away the hurt and pain, and renew your soul.
2. Come away with Me~ be still, be with me, be alone in my Presence so you can hear my voice.
3. Let My Spirit lead you~ don’t try so hard or plan so much, follow Me, enjoy Me, embrace each moment of adventure I have planned for you.
On Monday I came to God frustrated, tired, and broken. I wanted Him to give me a plan so I could fix myself. He didn’t answer that prayer. Instead He simply invited me to lay it all down at His feet and be healed.
Today I sit on top of a mountain at New Life Ranch (appropriate don’t you think). The leaves are turning amber and gold. The gentle breeze blows them and they dance. In the valley below a white steepled church sits beside a lazy stream. The skies are blue, the sun shines bright, and my heart sings!
For I am chosen. I am loved. I am His.
And that, for now and through all of eternity, is all I will ever need.

New Life Ranch

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