Goodbye friend…

My heart hurts today. A dear friend, and wonderful man took his final ride to be with his God. I know that death comes to all of us, but I’m surprised it came to him. He was invincible.

I wonder where they will have the memorial service. I don’t think there’s a church in NWA big enough to hold every life he touched. And what a legacy he leaves.

He could make you laugh with the best of them. But when your world was falling apart, he would walk with you through the pain.

He was a great man. I am fortunate to have known him.

Right after I received the news I read this… It has brought me comfort. I pray that if you are walking through a season of pain that it will also comfort you.

“Both pain and pleasure are meant to point us to the same reality; namely, that Jesus Christ is infinitely beautiful and so much more than enough for our every need. Living for Him, even suffering for Him, is worth every moment of affliction! Why? Because Jesus shows you such beauty in pain, because He is there and He is carrying us through.” Joe Eaton

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