“Silence and solitude is fasting from people and noise for a prescribed time to connect with God and replenish the soul. The opposite of solitude is isolation, where someone is burned out and goes into survival mode by disappearing. Solitude is godly, isolation is deadly, and if we don’t enjoy the former we’ll wind up pursuing the latter.” Mark Driscoll

I am guilty of isolation.
As a matter of fact, in the last few weeks I’ve been feeling overwhelmingly alone. And I know it’s because of self imposed isolation.
So what’s the difference between solitude and isolation?
Solitude seeks healing
Isolation seeks escape
Solitude welcomes
Isolation rejects
Solitude listens
Isolation ignores
Solitude submits
Isolation rebels
Solitudes refreshes
Isolation drains
Solitude focuses on the future
Isolation is consumed with the past
Solitude is godly
Isolation is deadly
Times of solitude are vital. They keep us connected to God. They strengthen us to connect with others. They refresh our souls.
One of the greatest strategies of war is divide and conquer. Even in the animal kingdom the one who is isolated from the herd is the one attacked by the hungry predator. It’s the same with us. When we allow ourselves to live in isolation we become easy prey. We are easily discouraged, easily offended, easily wounded, easily picked off.
Connection is hard. Community is hard. But isolation is deadly.
Isolation…it’s not worth the risk.

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