Louis has a new home… and so do I.

It’s 5 o’clock on Thursday and I just received an update that my friends, the Tugwell’s, are on their way home with Louis. (If you haven’t heard their story you can get caught up here)

This morning Lori & Noel stood on American soil, surrounded by beauty and safety and all the comforts this great Nation contains. But they, without hesitation, hopped on a plane and traveled to a land overcome with destruction and despair. They traveled through wreckage and faced danger all so they could hold their son in their arms.

As I type these words Louis is safe on a plane, flying to his new home. No longer a citizen of Haiti, but of America. All because he was loved, he was wanted, he was pursued.

I can’t help but think of another Father who choose to leave the land of His citizenship and travel to a depraved world to rescue another child. That child was me. And like Louis, I will wait here in this orphanage called life until He comes to bring me home.

Today I saw the miracle of adoption.

And it made me long for Home.

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