Here I Am

Have you ever felt lost?

Not the “maybe we should stop for directions” kind of lost. But the “I have no idea what to do” kind of lost?

Lately…. I’ve felt lost. Not overwhelmingly so. But enough to cause increased prayer & journaling.

You see, there are choices that need to be made. Things that need to be decided. New opportunities that I’m unsure of.

And so… I’m seeking. Looking. Waiting.

This weekend, in my wanderings, I stumbled upon a place. When I entered in I discovered that I was no longer lost. I knew exactly where I was. I knew exactly who I was.

It was wonderful. Glorious. Blissful. And for a moment… the veil of confusion was lifted.

I didn’t find the answers to my questions. The questions simply left my mind. And for a moment I was lost in being found.

Where was I?

At His feet. Bowed in worship. Basking in His love.

For there, in His presence, nothing is lost.

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