Rock Star

Friday night we hosted several artists for an incredible night of worship. We invited a few guests to join us for dinner and an opportunity to meet Todd Agnew. Our guests were so excited about getting to meet him. And while it was a great night, for those of us working the event, it wasn’t really a “big deal” getting to meet Todd. Spending time with recording artists is part of the job. Granted, it’s one of the cooler parts of the job. But after a while it can become routine, commonplace even. But… for fans who don’t get to spend their days interviewing artists and working back stage at concerts, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This morning driving in to work I was thinking about my relationship with God and started wondering if it’s become routine, commonplace, no big deal. The honest truth is… in many ways it has.

I’m used to Him. Used to hanging out with Him, talking to Him, reading about Him. I know all the stories written about Him. I’ve heard practically every sermon that can be preached about Him. I spend my days telling others about Him. And in the routine of following Christ, I’ve become numb to the wonder of who He really is.

Last Friday night people rearranged their schedules, took off work early, got babysitters, all so they could spend 30 minutes with a recording artist. Yet, almost every day, I hit the snooze button and fall back asleep instead of getting out of bed 30 minutes early to sit in the presence of the King of Kings. I rationalize my snooze button routine by saying; I’ll do it later. I’ll read my Bible at lunch. I’ll pray in the car. It’s no big deal.

It’s no big deal.

When did spending time with God become “no big deal”?

I wonder how God would feel if I treated Him like a Rock Star? If I was as in awe of Him as I am in awe of my favorite artists (yes… that would be Third Day!)? Trust me, if Mac Powell was coming to the studio you’d better believe I’d jump out of bed early!!

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if I ever meet Mac, or Todd, or ___________(fill in the blank of your favorite singer).

What does matter is if I meet Christ.

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