Come Play

The sun gently warms my skin, the wind, swirling, whispers “come play”.

I stand with toes in sand, ball of string in my hand, kite at my feet. The wind picks up pieces of my hair, gently dances across my skin enticing, alluring, “come play”.

I lift the kite in my hand, the wind catches it. They dance together. My kite and the wind.

Slowly I unwind string from the ball in my hand. “Higher! Higher!” the wind sings. “Further! Further!” the kite calls.

I unwind. Faster now. Loop after loop string passes through my open hand. Throwing my head back I laugh as I watch my kite skitter and glide across blue skies.

The ball of string grows small in my hand as the kite climbs higher and higher.

The wind changes course, the kite dives. Dark clouds rush in. The wind laughs. A sinister, mocking laugh. The kite pulls, fights, threatens to break away.

Digging my heals in the sand I struggle against the wind, against the kite.

Pulling, fighting, bleeding I try to reel it in. Tears mix with rain. Thunder and lightning. Darkness and shadow. And the kite… swirling, dipping, diving.

Footsteps. A hand. A warmth. Papa is here. He takes the string from my hand. My eyes turn away. Shame on my face.

“It’s OK” He whispers. To me.

“Be still” He whispers. To the wind.

Slowly I raise my eyes to His. He smiles. I smile. The kite slows, steadies. The winds whisper and dance. My hand rests in His. My head on His shoulder. And slowly He winds the string into a ball in His hands.

“We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” 2 Cor. 10:5

Thoughts are fickle things. So many of them are good. So many of them are dangerous. It’s fun to think of things we shouldn’t. It’s stimulating. Empowering. What’s wrong with a little worry, a little fear, a little doubt, a little fantasy, a little longing?

It’s no big deal.

Until we lose control. Until we realize that the thoughts we entertain in our mind separate us from a Holy God. Until we realize that the path our thoughts have led us down have led us away from truth.

Our thoughts seem harmless. But they’re not. Our thoughts are the first step down the path of destruction. God wants us to take our thoughts captive. He wants us to submit our minds to Him. Because left to my own devices my thoughts will lead me deeper and deeper into a trap of sin. But, if I submit my thoughts to Him, if I freely give Him control of my mind, He will lead me deeper and deeper into His arms of love.

Captive thoughts will make you free.

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