It’s supposed to be Hard

Remember the movie from the early 90’s A League of Their Own? It’s about two sisters who join an all female baseball league during World War II. The older sister, played by Geena Davis, is by far the better player and soon becomes the star of the league. Her team is doing well and makes it to the league’s first World Series. Days before the series begins, her husband returns home from Germany after being wounded in the foot. By this time it is obvious that she loves baseball and is passionate about the game. Watching her play it is obvious that she was made for the game of baseball. When her husband returns home she decides to quit the league and return home without playing in the World Series. Her manager, played by Tom Hanks, tries to talk her into staying. He tells her that it’s obvious that she loves baseball and if she quits now she will live with a lifetime of regret. She answers, “It just got too hard.” At that moment he gets very serious and leans in closer and says, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”
It’s supposed to be hard.
We live in a culture that says it’s supposed to be easy.
Grey hair? Nice ‘n Easy
Sagging skin? Two minute facial mask
Hungry? Hit the drive through
In a hurry? On-line banking
Tough boss? Get a new job
Failing marriage? Get a new spouse
Browse through the Sunday adds and over and over you’ll see it: Quick! Easy! Time saving! Oven ready! Just add water! Instant! Fully cooked!
Everything around us tells us life should be easy. Except the Word of God.
God’s Word tells us it’s supposed to be hard.
Wait. Pray. Seek. Persevere. Press.
Trust. Follow. Deny. Fight. Run.
Turn from sin. Crucify your flesh. Carry your cross.
Turn the other cheek. Give to the poor.
Love your enemies. Speak the truth.
According to the Bible life is hard. And I’ve noticed that the more you trust God, the bigger risks you take in following Him, the harder it gets.
Thursday night we will air a show dealing with a subject no one wants to talk about. We’re marching up to the gates of Hell and shining the Truth of the gospel on one of Satan’s most powerful strongholds. And it’s been HARD!
We’ve faced sickness, family crisis, equipment failure, and the list goes on and on.
Is it hard? Yes
Am I afraid? Shaking in my boots
Is it safe? Absolutely not
Is it worth it? Yes. Yes! A thousand times yes!
Why? Because it’s the hard that makes us lean on Jesus. It’s the hard that makes us bow our knee in surrender. It’s the hard that makes others pay attention. It’s the hard that brings forth fruit. It’s the hard that brings glory to Christ.
It’s the HARD that makes it GREAT!!!!
If my choice in life is easy and average or hard and great…. Lord, LET ME CHOSE HARD!!

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