“What ifs” and “you can’ts” are terrible things. They hold me hostage. Mock me.

What if I fail?

You can’t forget.

What if they laugh?

You can’t forgive.

They dig up my past and paralyze my today.

But what if I were free?

What would that look like?

What would that feel like?

Thinking about freedom brings to mind…

Little girls in spinning skirts.

Giggles. Dreams.

Cries of “push me higher” and “hold me daddy”.

Joy. Wonder.

Starry nights. Fairies and frogs.

Books under blankets.

Whispered secrets.

Buttered popcorn fingers. Sweet fizzy soda.

Popping gum and hopping scotch.

Prince Charming. White horses.

Castles. Queens.

Bedtime kisses and bedbugs.

Bare feet in the grass.

Ladybugs and fireflies.

Best friends.

Baby dolls.

Dancing. Skipping. Twirling.


But innocence has been lost. Childhood has been stolen. And the little girl’s dreams turned to nightmares along the way.

But what if

What if innocence could be restored?

What if what was stolen could be returned?

What if nightmares turned to dreams?

What if Prince Charming was real?

I’ll tell you a secret… He is!

When you were a child, I loved you. I took you by the arm and taught you to walk. I led you with kindness and with love. But you rejected me. War visited you.

But I cannot let you go. I cannot give you up. My feelings for you are much too strong. I will heal you and love you without limit. I will be like the dew—then you will blossom like the lilies and have roots like a tree. I will lure you into the desert and speak gently to you. From that day on you will call me your husband. (from Hosea)

We’ve been locked in a tower. Our only company our fears. But there is a Prince. There is a knight in shining armor riding in on his white horse to save the day. He longs to rescue us. To redeem us.

To set us free.

Innocence restored. Dreams renewed. Princesses crowned.

Go ahead… twirl away!

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