Go Play!

Today I had the chance to do two of my favorite things… I went to lunch with my girlfriends, and I sat quietly surrounded by nature and poured my heart out on paper.

Too often I neglect the things that bring me joy.

But today I am thankful that I made time. Time to laugh. Time to connect with friend. Time to be quiet. Time to listen to God.

I know that when I get up from this computer there will be many things waiting to pull me in many different directions. Good things. But things that will stretch me. Demand energy of me. Things like thawing chicken, helping with homework, sorting whites and adding bleach, balancing check books, and feeding pets.

The “have to’s” of my day.

Most days I dread the “have to’s”. Most days I feel stretched too thin, like I have nothing left to give.

Today I feel full. Energized. Ready to tackle my list.

Why? Because I stopped. I made time for peace. I made time for joy.

What brings you joy? What fills your heart and gives you energy?

Is it journaling? Scrapbooking? A quiet walk? Talking to a girlfriend? Bubble bath? Crafts?

When was the last time you made time for what makes you smile?

What’s stopping you from making time today?

Go play!

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