Whooo Are You?

When I was a little girl Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite movies. It’s not surprising… for a girl with an imagination that liked to run wild.

When I found out they were making a new Alice movie I started counting the days. Finally opening day came and I headed to the theatre.

As the movie opens we find that Alice is all grown up. But strangely, magically, she finds herself back in Wonderland, only she doesn’t remember it. Doesn’t remember the Tweedles, the Rabbit, or the Red Queen. And even more disheartening… Alice doesn’t remember who she is.

But the others do… Hatter, the March Hair, Chess… they all remember her. And as they try to tell Alice who she is and why they needed her to return to Wonderland she adamantly denies that she is the girl they seek.

Fortunately for the little girl in me, Alice eventually remembers Whooo she is. She remembers the brave girl with the unquenchable curiosity. She remembers her friends, and her love for them. She remembers the Jaberwocky, the sword, and the power she has to slay the dragon. She remembers that she’s not the girl who fits in the mold. She’s the girl who stands out in the crowd. Who has crazy dreams. And who lives life with passion.

Lately I’ve found myself whispering the question “Who am I?” The world would like to tell me who I am. What mold I’m supposed to fit in. How I’m supposed to act. What I’m supposed to wear. What I’m supposed to say. And, like Alice, I’ve followed the world’s rules. Tried to fit in, not cause a scene.

But the whispering won’t go away… like Absolom whispering to Alice… God is whispering to me “Whooo are you?”

And I remembered… I’m the little girl who loves a good story. I’m the curious soul who loves to explore. I’m the dreamer who believes the impossible. I’m the brave one who loves to dance in the rain. I’m the daughter of the King, the princess in disguise.

I am Alice. And that Jaberwocky better hide.

I’d love to know… Whooo are you?

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