I discovered something today. I have a MySpace account. OK, so I already knew that. But I logged on to it today for the first time in over 2 years. I decided I don’t really need to be on MySpace anymore so I deleted it. But before I did I copied a few blog posts I had there.

I’ve never claimed to be a poet. But on occasion I like to make words rhyme. I found this poem that I wrote in ’07 at a time in my life when I was really feeling the stirring of God towards full time ministry. It was a precious sweet season in my life.

Just thought I’d share where my heart was then, and still dwells now…

I heard a call from Jesus,

“You’ve a purpose to fulfill”

So I’m following my Master,

I’ve no time to be still.

I heed Him when He beckons

I listen when He calls

Dropping everything I answer

Lest I lose my all in all.

Where He leads me I will follow

I trust He knows the way

Never stopping to consider

If I should go or stay.

To stay here would bring comfort

And to follow would bring fear

But my fears I will conquer

To my Lord, I must be near.

This uncharted journey

Is one amazing ride

It’s filled with joy and laughter

With Jesus by my side.

He leads me to the captives

And lets me watch Him set them free

Reminding me without Him

That prison is where I’d be.

For a moment I’ll stop and ponder

The amazement of it all

The closeness of my Savior

The wonder of His call.

But I’ve no time to linger

This life is but a breath

The prize so close before me

On the other side of death.

But while breath is in this body

And strength is in this hand

I’ll run this race before me

Telling others of this Man

Who walked upon the waters

Who hung upon a cross

Who lay within a borrowed tomb

For me, for I was lost.

So if you hear Him calling

Don’t hesitate or stall

For He longs to have you join us

As we journey one and all.

He’ll never leave you or forsake you

He will guide your every way

He only asks you answer,

And follow Him today.

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