“Enoch walked faithfully with God”

Genesis 5:24


Faithful. It’s a word my grandparents lived. My entire life my grandparents lived in the same house. Drove the same car. Bought the same brand of bread. Listened to the same songs. Loved the same people. They paid their debts, honored their contracts, earned their thirty year pins at work.

Fickle. That would be the word of my generation. We stand in line for new phones. Spend countless dollars changing our hair color. We start new careers. Move into bigger houses. Trade in our cars. Defriend those who offend. Switch from a large mocha to a chai tea and back again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of new. But I have to wonder if we are missing something in our search for the newest thing to satisfy.

The day before my grandma slipped from this life into eternity my grandpa told me he would be okay. He said that “Ruth showed me how to make my coffee in the mornings. I’ll be okay.”

Sixty five years of marriage. Of which she never worked one day outside of the home. And yet, every day, every single day, she made him coffee. Faithfully. Why? Because of love. Because love is faithful, not big or glamorous or full of fireworks. But small and quiet and constant. There were hard times. Days she didn’t feel good. Days she was tired. Days she was mad at him. But each and every one of those days, she made him coffee.

I want to be like that. I want to love God like that. Faithfully. Every single day. Quietly, constantly. Through storms and famine and trials and sunshine. I want to walk faithfully with God.

Because of love.


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