Lock Shields

“in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.” Ephesians 6:16

Lock shields.

If you’ve spent much time around Jennifer or I you’ve likely heard those words come out of our mouths on more than one occasion. We believe in locking shields around here at Broken Girl.

But what does locking shields mean? I’m glad you asked.

Locking shields started several years ago. I was going through a really rough season. I felt like I was being attacked constantly and from every angle. I’d do good for a while, but then I’d get weary from the battle and felt like the enemy had the upper hand and was going to do me in.

About that time a movie was released called Troy. There’s a scene in the movie that literally took my breath away. You can see it here. I’ll warn you, it’s bloody, gory, warrior stuff. But Brad Pitt’s in it so it’s not all bad. If you just want to see “the scene” watch from 1:20 to right at 2:00. Seriously, go watch it, I’ll wait…


Locking shields is powerful stuff y’all.

 And as powerful as it is in a movie theatre with surround sound, buttered popcorn, and Brad Pitt with a bunch of sweaty warriors storming a beach, it’s even more powerful when played out in real life among warrior-sisters.

I have a circle of friends who are warriors. When you ask them to pray, they do. And they do so fiercely, with boldness and confidence, and sweat and tears. When any of us gets a text message with the words “lock shields” on it, we drop everything and go to battle.

We’ve learned throughout the years that going into battle alone is always a bad idea. Being by yourself while arrows fly past you is enough to send the strongest warrior packing. But when you look to your right and your left and above you and all you can see is the back of your sister’s shields… There’s a strength that comes from knowing you don’t fight alone.

Together my shield locking friends and I have faced death and divorce and cancer and prodigals and infertility and unplanned pregnancies and job loss and foreclosures and depression and anxiety and fear and anger and abuse and just flat out really bad days (sometimes really bad weeks and months).

The battle is real. We have a real enemy who is hell bent to steal, kill and destroy us. The flaming arrows coming our way are REAL! That’s why it’s so hard. It’s a fight. But God doesn’t leave us to battle alone. He covers us in His armor, gives us a shield of faith and warrior friends to fight alongside us. Calling for backup is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of military strategy. A soldier alone and isolated is easier to pick off than one who remains with his troop.

Girls, sometimes I see us with swords drawn and shields in hand turned towards one another and it breaks my heart. We have a common enemy, and it’s not each other. We don’t have time for gossip and petty jealousies and competition. We’re on the same side. And we’ll be a million times more effective if we can put aside our differences and do battle together. It’s time we start fighting for each other. It’s time to lock shields.

Photo credit: Debbie Thurmond

Photo credit: Debbie Thurmond

The battle is real. The arrows really pierce. But there is strength in numbers. Our prayers are mighty. And the God we cry out to is well able to deliver us from whatever the enemy throws our way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the battle then maybe it’s time to call for backup. Ask your prayer-warrior sisters to lock shields with you. Do the same for them.

Let’s fight the good fight together.

Locking shields with you my friend.


Keri & Jennifer


Friend, can we lock shields with you today? Let us know what fiery darts the enemy is hurling your way so we can pray specifically over you. 

4 thoughts on “Lock Shields

  1. Ladies,

    You asked at the end of the “locking swords” issue if you could pray…..and I need it. I feel as if I have no sisters to back me up. I have been in ministry for 14 years and have had very few women I could trust. I did trust, fully, in a friend a few years ago and what I told her in confidence was then thrown in my face later. I feel alone and am so weary. I know my place and my husband’s place is in ministry but sometimes I want to quit. There is a fire in me that won’t let me……but it would be so much easier. I am tired of controlling, manipulative, jealous people in the leadership of churches. They have done nothing but try to break my husband and me. try to distort and change us. I know The Lord made “us” to be “us” and no one else. Sorry for the “rambling”. Just so so very tired.
    Love everything you girls do!

    Thank you,
    Michelle Pruett


  2. Thank you for this post. I have been feeling very discouraged (thats how the evil one gets me) for a long long time. Under attack thru my husband and loved ones. I do have one friend who prays with me. Some family members have their own issues so I feel bad telling them mine. So please pray for me to get out of this depressed situation im in. What usually happens is when Im attacked by the evil one I feel alone so I just retreat inward to a depression but I do want to say
    Im in constant contact with our JESUS.. Michelle who left the previous post im praying for you. Thanks

    husband is not a Christian so im attacked with that. It seems I get very easily discouraged lately and


    but it does


    • Michele and the poster above me, I am praying for you both. I am going through discouragement/depression also… it just happened one day almost a year ago, and I have been fighting daily. I am haunted by past failures and wake up every morning reminded of my failures which make me even more discouraged and it becomes this cycle. I am mostly good at hiding it, but this negative cloud has been draining the life out of me and I’ve been coping with distractions, food, tv, and isolating myself, afraid my negativity will affect those around me. It’s crazy, to hear these stories. Just a min ago, I put a reminder in my phone to pray not only for you two posters, but for everyone else affected. I will be a prayer warrior for you guys!!! Jesus knows and hears our prayers… DONT GIVE UP!!!!

      -JINS (Jennifer)


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